The Fundamental Laws of Addition and Multiplication in Elementary Algebra
The Suffrage Movement from Its Evolutionary Aspect
The Open Gate An Original Domestic Drama in One Act
The Reverend Dr James Walker and His Friends on the Eightieth Anniversary of His Birthday August 16 1874
The Maid of Pend DOreille and Indian Idyl
A Letter to the Right Honourable Edmund Burke Paymaster General of His Majestys Forces
Requirements for Standardized Elementary Schools
A Sermon Delivered at the Annual Election on Wednesday January 4 1837 Before His Excellency Edward Everett Governor His Honor George Hull Lieutenant Governor the Honorable Council
The Pacific Coast Races of the Bewick Wren
Conservation An Address
The New Administration An Address Delivered Before the Womens Democratic Association of Minnesota May 5 1921
St Valentines Day A Comedy in One Act for Female Characters Only
Catalogue of Howard College 1854 - 1855
The Importance of the Ghost in Hamlet
Tacna-Arica and the Washington Negotiations Chile-Bolivian Relations
An Explanation of the Movements of the Iris
Annual Report of the New Jersey Commission for the Blind
Henry Gannett President of the National Geographic Society 1910-1914
The Wit and Humour of the East
Annual Reports of the Town of Brentwood New Hampshire Volume 1904
Isabella Thoburn [Microform]
The Second Book of the Poets Club
The Evils of Infant Baptism
Kathartinkaffe Dessen Bereitung Und Dessen Gebrauch in Unterleibskrankheiten Der
Memorial Em Prol DOS Acreanos Ameacados de Confiso Pelo Estado Amazonas Na Accao de Reivindicacao Do
Bob Veal and the Public
List of the Animals in the Gardens of the Zoological Society With Notices Respecting Them May 1837
The Methods and Conditions of Legislation An Address Delivered in Carnegie Hall at the Thirty-First Annual Meeting of the New York State Bar Association Held at the City of New York on the 24th and 25th of January 1908
Constitutional Law With Reference to the Present Condition of the United States
Sugar Beet Hints on Cultivation
On the Lysianassa Magellanica H Milne Edwards and on the Crustacea of the Suborder Amphipoda and S
A Brief Description of New York Formerly Called New Netherlands with the Places Thereunto Adjoining Likewise a Brief Relation of the Customs of the Indians There Volume 1 No1
The Vancouver Island Strike
The Morality of Stage-Plays Seriously Considered
Nancy Hanks Lincoln A Sermon Delivered at All Souls Church Chicago February 8 1903
Catalogue of the Genera and Species of Recent Shells in the Collection of CB Adams
The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries - Vol VII
An Address on Education
Description Historique Des Monnaies Frappees Sous LEmpire Romain Tome V Communement Appellees Medailles Imperiales
MBE Questions for 1st and 2nd Year Law by Baba Che Law School Read Through and Pass First Time!
Letters to an Old Garibaldian
Description Historique Des Monnaies Frappees Sous LEmpire Romain Tome III Communement Appellees Medailles Imperiales
Edmund Burke
Laclede the Founder of St Louis
Description Historique Des Monnaies Frappees Sous LEmpire Romain Tome IV Communement Appellees Medailles Imperiales
Description Historique Des Monnaies Frappees Sous LEmpire Romain Tome VI Communement Appellees Medailles Imperiales
Description Historique Des Monnaies Frappees Sous LEmpire Romain Tome VII Communement Appellees Medailles Imperiales
The Dream of the Red Chamber
Zionism and the Jewish Diaspora
Rational Medicine Its Past and Present Its True Relations to Specialists to the Partisans of Exclusive Systems and to Empirics
Minnetoskas Dream A Play in One Act with Tableaux Songs and Dances
Description Historique Des Monnaies Frappees Sous LEmpire Romain Tome I Communement Appellees Medailles Imperiales
A Brief History of the Ancient Records of Stratford-On-Avon [By JO Halliwell-Phillipps]
The Religion and Patriotism of 76
The Vine and Its Culture
An Address on the Origin and Principles of the Christians
The Presentation of Colors to the 367th Regiment of Infantry Colonel James A Moss Commanding
The Presidents of the United States of America from Washington to the Present Time
The Affairs of Rhode Island
The Defenders of the Country and Its Enemies the Chicago Platform Dissected Speech of Governor Brough Delivered at Circleville Ohio Sept 3
A Midnight Race
A Pageant of Superior May 24 and 25 16
The Louisiana Purchase and Its Significance a Discourse Delivered in the First Baptist Meeting House Providence RI Sunday May 15 1904
A Lecture on Homeopathy
The North Carolina Cession of 1784 in Its Federal Aspects
A Letter to Wm E Channing D D in Reply to One Addressed to Him by R R Madden on the Abuse of the Flag of the United States in the Island of Cuba
The Constitution of the General Society of Sons of the Revolution and By-Laws of the Pennsylvania Society
The Fisheries of Ireland
The Confessions of a Husband
The Dead Lands of Europe
The Liberal Party and Mr Chamberlain Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
An Address at the Funeral of Hon Simeon Baldwin May 28 1851
An Ode
A Radical Cure for the Swarming Habit of Bees
The Report and Proceedings of the First Annual Meeting of the Providence Anti-Slavery Society with a Brief Exposition of the Principles and Purposes of the Abolitionists
Among the Trees
Asmodeus Or the Little Devils Share a Drama in Two Acts
A History of Tybee Islands Ga and a Sketch of the Savannah Tybee R R
Bulletin Volume 5
Archaeological Relics in Mexico
Annual Address of the President Volume 37
Bulletin Volume 114
Phiz (Hablot Knight Browne) A Memoir
Bulletin University Studies Series Volume 5
Annual Oration
Barney McGee
A First Book of Poetics For Colleges and Advanced Schools
Bank Loans and Stock Exchange Speculation
Argument by Cephas Brainerd Before the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives (with Additions ) 29th January 1876 the Rights of the Uninsured Owners of Ships Destroyed by the Nashville Tallahassee Georgia and the Shenandoah Before S
Memorial Addresses in Honor of Governors Austin and McGill
Baby Farming
American Railroads Their Relation to Commercial Industrial and Agricultural Interests
Weights and Measures Net Container and Public Weighmaster Laws as Amended in 1919
Thirteen Periods of United States History
The Beginnings of the English Secular and Romantic Drama A Paper Read Before the Shakespeare Association on Friday February 29 1920
British and German Scholarship
The Present Crisis
St Botolphs Priory Colchester
Catalogue of Cumberland University Volume 1882
A Caution to Great Britain and Her Colonies In a Short Representation of the Calamitous State of the Enslaved Negroes in the British Dominion
Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Cumberland University Volume 1850-51
Electric Ranges
Catalogue of Cumberland University Volume 1884
Catalogue of Cumberland University Volume 1869-70
Annual Catalogue of the Lebanon College for Young Ladies Volume 1907-08
Description Historique Des Monnaies Frappees Sous LEmpire Romain Tome II Communement Appellees Medailles Imperiales
Catalogue of Cumberland University Volume 1888
Annual Report National Institutes of Health Division of Research Services Volume 1986 PTa
On the Chemical Constitution of the Proteins of Wheat Flour and Its Relation to Baking Strength
Wholesome Cooking A Practical Book for a Practical Cook Two Hundred Well-Tested Recipes
Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Cumberland University Volume 1855-56
Constitutions and Canons Ecclesiasticall Treated Upon by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York Presidents of the Convocations for the Respective Provinces of Canterbury and York and the Rest of the Bishops and Clergie of Those Provinces And Agreed Up
Our Preparations for the War of 1846-8
Changes in the Cost of Living July 1914-November 1921
Cotton and Immigration Address Before the British Association in Liverpool
Corrupt Practices at Elections Contributions and Expenditures
Comparison of Present Law a Discussion Proposal and Possible Clarifications Offered by Representatives Stark and Moore Relating to the Tax Treatment of Life Insurance Companies and Their Products Volume Jcx-23-83
Scraps of Paper German Proclamations in Belgium and France
Health for the Family in Wartime
Prospectus for a Direct Railway Line Between New York and Boston
Public Acts Passed at the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee
The Voice of God to the Churches A Sermon on the Death of the Reverend George Cran Augustus Desgranges and Jonathan Brain Missionaries in India from the London Missionary Society
Patrols Scouting Messages
Notes on the Class Struggle
Savingss Banks the Editorial Remarks and Correspondence Which Have Recently Appeared in The Times Newspaper on the Subject of Abuses in These Institutions With Observations by a Member of the Stock Exchange
Scrambled Eggs A Barnyard Fantasy Issue 16
Guido or a Painters Dream A Lyric Drama in Three Acts
Sentimental Studies Stories of Life and Love
Biographical Sketch of Major-General Richard Montgomery of the Continental Army Who Fell in the Assault of Quebec December 31 1775
The Mission of Beauty Thoughts in Connection with Art-Culture
Precis of Lectures on Military Carriages
Annual Report of the Directors of the American Education Society Volume 51
University of California Publications in Anatomy Volume 1 Issues 1-2
Belgium and Greece
Leyes y Decretos Sobre La Creation de Las Oficinas de Rejistro de Propriedades Hipotecas Embargos E Inhibiciones
Chapter 169 of the Revised Laws of Vermont 1880 Relating to the Traffic in Intoxicating Liquor with Some Additional Sections Published by Authority
Bradykinetic Analysis of Somatic Motor Disturbances in Nervous Diseases
Memoir of an Eventful Expedition in Central America Resulting in the Discovery of the Idolatrous City of Iximaya in an Unexplored Region And the Possession of Two Remarkable Aztec Children Descendants and Specimens of the Sacerdotal Caste (Now Nearly
Campanas de Coro
Eleventh Annual Report of the London Auxiliary to the Association for the Religious Improvement of the Highlands and the Gaelic School Society
On a Previously Undescribed Class of Monuments
Annual Reports of the Town of Stoddard New Hampshire Volume 1894
The Car That Went Abroad
A Brief Account of the Proceedings of the Committee Appointed in the Year 1795 by the Yearly Meeting of Friends of Pennsylvania New-Jersey C for Promoting the Improvement and Gradual Civilization of the Indian Natives
Brother Jonathans Almanac for Volume 1847
Annual Report of the Town of South Hampton New Hampshire Volume 1910
Annual Report Volume 11 (1919-20)
Annual Report of the Town of Sanbornton New Hampshire Volume 1896
Scheme for the Conservation of Remarkable Boulders in Scotland and for the Indication of Their Position on Maps
Annual Report of the Town of Salem New Hampshire Volume 1877
On the Origin of the Parallel Roads of Glen Roy
Websters Calendar Or the Albany Columbia Montgomery and Washington Almanack for the Year of Our Lord Volume 1879
Legend of the Morrisons Badge (Driftwood on the Sea-Shore)
Speech of Hon John L Dawson of Penna On the Homestead Bill Delivered in the House of Representatives Feb 14 1854
An Inland Voyage and Travels with a Donkey
The Necessity for a Christian Ministry in Special Adaptation to the Poor Two Sermons Preached in Renshaw Street Chapel Liverpool (With a Prospectus of the Objects and Plan of the Proposed Ministry)
General Information Regarding Sequoia and General Grant National Parks Season of 1912
Arguments in Favor of Missions A Discourse Delivered in Portland June 26 1833 Before the Maine Missionary Society at Its Twenty-Sixth Anniversary
Annual Report of the Town of Sanbornton New Hampshire Volume 1892
Macs in Galloway
On Some Japanese Legends
Religion as Affected by Modern Materialism An Address Delivered in Manchester New College London
Some Hot Springs of Southern California Their Origin and Classification
A Catalogue of Hemiptera
Louisa a Tale
Strictures on Mr N E S A Hamiltons Inquiry Into the Genuineness of the Ms Corrections in Mr J Payne Colliers Annotated Shakespeare Folio 1632
Robert Boyle Lecture
An Cheud Leabhar Gaedhilge First Irish Book
President Lincoln and the Chicago Memorial of Emancipation a Paper Read Before the Maryland Histori
List of Teachers in School Districts Nos 9 and 10 Sutton Mass from 1790 to 1897
Rules and Regulations for the Registration of Claims to Copyright Copyright Office Bulletin No 15
The Evolution of Jewish Disability
A Vindication of the Principles of Authors
Plantae Utowanae Plants Collected in Bermuda Porto Rico St Thomas Culebras Santo Domingo Jama
The Religion of the Indians of California
Conversion a Letter to Mr Alexander Chirol and His Family
Computation of the Orbit of Planet 558
An Arraignment of President McKinleys Policy of Extending by Force the Sovereignty of the United States Over the Philippine Islands
Genealogy in the Library
Daylight Saving
Historical Discourse Delivered at Malden Mass On the Day of the Annual Thanksgiving December 1
Some Theorems on the Summation of Divergent Series
The Descendants of John Potter 1765--1906
Wills of Early Jewish Settlers in New York
A Funeral Discourse Preached in St Pauls Church Newburyport on Thursday April XXVIII MDCCCXLII
Ueber Die Entwickelung Der Leitenden Gedanken Zur Ersten Campagne Bonapartes Ein Vortrag Gehalten
A Sermon Commemorative of National Events Delivered in the First Presbyterian Church Albany NY
Perforated Stones from California
Portraits of Celebrated Women
A Discourse on St Pauls Epistle to Philemon Exhibiting the Duty of Citizens of the Northern State
Lincolniana Book Plates and Collections
Epochs of Painted Vases An Introduction to Their Study
Virginia Leads
The Sacred Songs of the Gael A Collection of Gaelic Hymns
A List of Plants Collected in the Vicinity of Oquawka Henderson County Illinois
Taille Et Conduite Des Arbres Forestiers Et Autres de Grandes Dimensions Expose Comparatif de La No
Saratoga Springs Camera Slivers from the Famous Spa
Cardinal Principles of Secondary Education a Report of the Commission on the Reorganization of Seco
Marcus T C Gould Stenugrapher
Hints to the Study of the Holy Qur-An
A Second Study of the Influence Of Parental Alcoholism on the Physique And Intelligence of the Off
Soldiers Rights An Appeal to the Loyal People of the United States and Their Representatives in Co
The Published Writings of William Phipps Blake
Idle Songs of an Idle Soldier
A Reply to Mr Charles Ingersolls Letter to a Friend in a Slave State
Centennial Exhibition Philadelphia 1876 Issue 1
Rules and Regulations of the Detroit High School Scholarship Fund Association
Influence of Some Organic Compounds Upon the Hydrolysis of Starch by Salivary and Pancreatic Amylases
Himyaric Inscriptions of Hisn Ghorab Tr and Elucidated by G Hunt
The Uneducated Children in Our Large Towns A Speech House of Commons 12th March 1869
Opinions of Napoleon the First on Russia and Poland Expressed at St Helena with Their Adaptation to the Present War
Statement of Work Done at the Harvard College Observatory
The Labyrinth Being an Exercise for Wit and Humour by Rational Rebusses
Annual Report of the Womens Pennsylvania Branch United States Sanitary Commission
First Impressions of a Law Reformer
Annual Report Volume 1994-95
Biennial Report of the State Auditor of the State of Montana for the Fiscal Years Ending Volume 1915-16
Little Journeys to the Homes of Eminent Orators
A Compressed View of the Points to Be Discussed in Treating with the United States of America With an Appendix
Major Alpins Ancestors and Descendants
Signal Corps Equipment Manual Organized Militia 1915
Medical Libraries Annual Oration Delivered Before the Maine Medical Association June 5 1902
Report and List of Members for the Year
Invalid Childrens Schools A Paper Read at the National Conference of Women Workers Held at Brighton Oct 1900
Cataloging as an Asset An Address to the New York State Library School May 1 1915
Practical Information Onthe Best Method of Brewing from Sugar In Which Is Given the History of the Trade from 1769 [C] by a Practical Brewer
Hymns of the Church Arranged on a New Plan Intended as a Guide to Chanting in Churches by T Graham
What Is England Doing?
Report Volume 24
The Wreck Ashore
Address of George Thompson
Thoughts on the Corn Laws Addressed to the Working Classes of the County of Glouchester
Memoranda on Cuba
Address by Hon Erastus Brooks
The National Clay Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1845
The Study of Poetry
The Study of Statistics in Colleges
The Supposed Visit of St Paul to Britain a Lecture Delivered in the University of Oxford by Edward Cardwell
Uncle John A Petite Comedy in Two Acts
Memoirs Chemical Series Volume 3 No1
The Character and Influence of Abolitionism
A Word in Season to the Traders and Manufacturers of Great Britain
Women in Industry in Minnesota in 1918 Field Investigation Carried on by Women in Industry Committee Council of National Defence and Bureau of Women and Children
Tricks of the Press A Lecture
Metallurgical Treatment of the Low-Grade and Complex Ores of Utah a Preliminary Report
The Old Serpentine Temple of the Druids at Avebury a Poem [By C Lucas] by C Lucas
A Short History of Elementary Education in England
Contributions to Equilong Geometry
The Tariff Speech in the House April 30 1884
The Theological Crisis Volume 4 PT23
Ethological Outlines
Report of the Committee of Oculists and Electricians Appointed April 29 1907 on the Artificial Lighting and Color Schemes of School Buildings November 1907
Report Together with Proceedings Minutes of Evidence and Appendices
Echoes and Incidents from a Gunboat Flotilla
Biennial Report of the State Auditor of the State of Montana for the Fiscal Years Ending Volume 1919-20
Homeless Or a Poets Inner Life [Tr by the Author]
Tesis No 105 Que Presenta R Andueza Palacio Para Optar Al Grado de Doctor En Ciencias Politicas Setiembre de 1908
Preliminary List of Bibliography in the New Reference Library
Objections to Public Schools Considered
The History of Over Sea Done Into English
Descriptions of Occupations
Essays and Articles on Subjects Connected with Popular Political Economy Illustrative of the Condition and Prospects of the Working Classes [Comprising the Birmingham Labour Exchange Gazette No 1-5 and an Article on Co-Operation Repr from the Month
The Slave with Two Faces An Allegory in One Act
Journal of the Senate
Geneva and Oxford An Address to the Professors and Students of Theological School Geneva At the Opening of the Session Oct 3 1842 Volume 2
The Studies of an Orator An Inaugural Address Delivered at the Annual Commencement in Dartmouth College July 1840
Rules and Regulations Crater Lake National Park
What Is Poetry? a Paper
Address at the American Pomological Society Volume 17th 1879
Views With Ground Plans of the Highland Cottages at Roxbury (Near Boston)
To the People of Virginia
Annual Report Campton New Hampshire Volume 1899
Technical Indexes and Bibliographies Appearing Serially
Calaveras Bigtree National Forest
Speech of His Excellency the Right Honorable Sir Bartle Frere Bart Etc Etc Etc Governor of the Cape of Good Hope and HM High Commissioner for South Africa And of Others Delivered on the Occasion of the Banquet Given to His Excellency Upon
Reports of National Officers to the Continental Congress of the National Society
New England Spiders Identified Since 1910
Dominion of Canada Province of British Columbia Information for Intending Settlers
Simple Household Tests for the Detection of Adulterations in Foods
A Historical Sketch of Bedford NH Being a Discourse Delivered Sabbath Afternoon July 4th 1841 in the Presbyterian Meeting House
Eulogy of Garrison Remarks of Wendell Phillips at the Funeral of William Lloyd Garrison
Statistics of Dane County Wisconsin With a Business Directory of Part of the Village of Madison
In Memoriam Memorial Services on the Day of the Burial of President James A Garfield
Brown Alumni Monthly Volume Vol 1 No 2
Lecture on Fashion Delivered Before the New York Lyceum
Seven Sprays and a Golden Poppy Poems a Song and a Story
Invention Records
The Flight from Wyoming
Universities in America An Inaugural Address Delivered in Ann Arbor Michigan October 1st 1863
Catalogus Collegii Tuftensis
Honesty the Best Policy
Secrets of Correct Table Service
Grannys Juliet An Impression
National Bank of Commerce in New York - A Great American Bank
Whither and Why Poems on Life
The Relative Mortality After Amputations of Large and Small Hospitals and the Influence of the Antiseptic Listerian System Upon Such Mortality
The Battle of Spring Hill Tennessee Read After the Stated Meeting Held February 2D 1907
My Reminiscences of Ezra Cornell An Address Delivered Before the Cornell University on Founders s
The Debate of the Body and Soul
Guide to the German Educational Exhibition in St Louis 1904
Organization Constitution and By-Laws of the Soldiers Home in the City of Chicago
Who Discovered the Sources of the Nile?
Governor Judge and Priest Detroit 1805-1815 a Paper Read Before the Witenagemote on Friday Evening October the Second 1891
The Potato Child Others
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 10 Issue 7
The Unilateral Dynamic Characteristics of Three-Electrode Vacuum Tubes
Memorial of Hon William Kelly Presented to the New York State Agricultural Society at the Annual
Over-Age and Progress in the Public Schools of Dayton
Catalogues of Items for Auction by Mr Leigh Sotheby 1830-1860
The Building of the Bible Showing the Chronological Orderin Which the Books of the Old and New Test
Program for the Inauguration of the President and Vice-President of the United States March Fourth 1897
The Classification of Statistics and Its Results
The Meaning of Business Or the Science of Success
An Oration Delivered at Lancaster Mass in Celebration of American Independence July 1825
Remarks on Some Masonic Book Plates in America and Their Owners Volume 2
Fore Aft Seamanship for Yachtsmen Revised by a Practical Yachtsman
She Planted a Garden
An Hour with the Fathers
The Arkansas Traveller
The Inland Empire of the North West Where Fortune Beckons to the Farmer and Investor
A Statement of Facts Respecting the Condition Treatment of Slaves in the City of Vicksburgh and Its Vicinity in the State of Mississippi in 1838 39
The Football Game A Comedy in One Act
A Live City in the Hudson Valley Eastern Terminal Great Barge Canal System New York State
The Perfection Taylor System by Actual Measurement for Ladies and Childrens Garments
The Influence of Illinois in the Development of Abraham Lincoln Volume 2
The City of Manchester Virginia
An Historical Memoir of Billerica in Massachusetts
A Spaniards Revenge Or the Death of Ricardo Ruiz
The Gilman House Being a History of the Dwelling House Erected in Exeter
The Dusty Path a Play in One Act
A Guide to Washington
A Chronology of the Boston Public Schools
An ACT to Incorporate the Maryland State Colonization Society
The Deserters Daughter
The Bracelet
An Address Delivered This Morning on the Western Avenue
The Heart of the Hills and Other Poems
The Demoralization of College Life Report of an Investigation at Harvard and a Reply to My Critics
Uncertain Silas a Rural Comedy in One Act
Address of the Whig Members of the Senate and House of Representatives of Massachusetts to Their Constituents Occasioned by the Inaugural Address of His Excellency Marcus Morton
Annual Report of the Clarke School for the Deaf North Hampton Massachusetts
Money for the Million Or Straw for the Tale of Bricks
Mathematical Theses of Junior and Senior Classes 1782-1839
A Greater Kentucky
Studies on Coast Defense Applied to the Gulf of Spezia
Historical Sketch of the First Presbyterian Church Fort Wayne Indiana with Early Reminiscences of the Place
Report Volume 10
Annual Register of Commandery No 1
Story of Illinois
General Grant Memorial Address Delivered at the Grant Memorial Services Held in the Mechanics Pavilion San Francisco Cal August 8 1885
Reports of Meetings of Mathematical Conference of Ann Arbor
New Commercial Plants With Directions How to Grow Them to the Best Advantage
Estudios Sobre Las Hormigas de Costa Rica
Annual Reports Town of Bridgewater New Hampshire Volume 1895
An Address on the Life Character and Public Services of Henry Clay
Oaths Forbidden by Scripture Injurious to Public Morals and Unnecessary in Civil Government
An Epitome of English History
Memoir of Hon Hiland Hall LLD
Commemoration of Washington a Discourse (on the New Holiday ) Preached in Harvard Church Charlestown on Sunday February 22 1857
Agricultural Education in New York State
Columbus the Christ-Bearer
Number A Link Between Divine Intelligence and Human an Argument
Poems of Nature and Sentiment
A State System of Education for New York an Address Delivered Before the Literary Societies of the Rochester University at Rochester NY July 11 1854
Aue Caesar God Save the King
Boyhood Days and Other Verses
Semi-Centennial Catalogue of the Associate Alumni of Hobart College
An Historical Account of the Monumental Bust of William Shakspeare In the Chancel of the Church at Stratford-Upon-Avon Warwickshire With Critical Remarks on the Authors Who Have Written on It
The Study of Literature
The Heresiarchs the Ellerton Theological Prize Essay for 1876
Recollections of the Bench and the Bar of Central Illinois A Lecture Read Before the Chicago Bar Association Fairbank Hall Wednesday Evening January 12 1881
The Kings Cup-Bearer A Sermon in Memory of the REV E Winchester Donald D D Preached in Trinity Church on the Sunday Next Before Advent November 20 1904
The Life and Services of Ezra Cornell An Address Delivered at Cornell University on Founders Day (January 11th 1887)
God and Our Country A Discourse Delivered in the First Congregational Church in Roxbury on Fast Day April 8 1847 Volume 1
The Significance of a Declining Death Rate
An Oration Delivered Before the Society of Phi Beta Kappa at Cambridge
School Law of the Territory of Washington
Address on the Culture Demanded by the Age
Timour the Tartar A Grand Romantic Melo Drama in Two Acts
The Higher Education and Progress Address at the Thirteenth Annual Commencement of the Leland Stanford Junior University May 18th 1904
The Principles of the Religious Society of Friends and Some of Its Testimonies
Observations on the Armorial Bearing of the Town of Manchester and on the Descent of the Baronial Family of Grelley
On New Plants from the Erian and Carboniferous and on the Characters and Affinities of Palaeozoic Gymnosperms
City Tree Planting The Selection Planting and Care of Trees Along City Thoroughfares
Hamilton Songs Hamilton College 1902
A Short History of the Military Naval Services of the Inns of Court and
Tables (Supplemantary Tables) for Calculating Spanish Four Per Cent External Bonds
It Is Hard and Yet It Is Easy
Manual for Gas Engineering Students
Transaction - Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba Issue 65
Annual Report of the Trustees of the State Infirmary at Tewksbury Volume 34
Geographical Concentration An Historic Feature of American Agriculture
Catalogue of Lithographs by J McN Whistler Exhibited at the Grolier Club April 4th to April 27th 1907
Abstract of Reports of the Condition of Montana State Banks Trust Companies and Private Banks Volume 1945-50
Modes of Instruction in Common Schools Adapted Particularly to Summer Schools
Instructions for Mounting Using and Caring for Mortar Carriages Model of 1896 MIII for 12-Inch Mortars of Model of 1912
The Good Servant Welcomed to His Reward A Sermon Preached at the Interment of Dea Jacob Mitchell Feb 8 1848
The Scattering of Light by Liquids
The Population and Finances of Boston A Study of Municipal Growth
Bulletin Issue 49
Some Reflections on the Speech of the Rt Hon Lord John Russell on Colonial Policy
The Story of the Twenty-Eighth (Northwest) Battalion 1914-1917
The Text of Habakkuk Chap I I-II 4
The Unity of the Sciences A Lecture Delivered at the Opening of the Winter Session of the University of Glasgow November 3 1874
Constitution and By-Laws
An Appeal to the British Nation in Behalf of Colonel Stoddart and Captain Conolly
University of Cincinnati Studies Volume 7 Issue 3
Mosses and Lichens Collected in the Former Danish West Indies
The Five Giants
St Louis After the War
Gifts An Essay
The Harveian Operation
Life Among the Pygmies of the Ituri Forest Congo Free State
An Historical Sketch Congregational of the Church in Stockbridge Mass
Quatrains from Omar Khayyam
The Nicaragua Canal Its Design Final Location and Work Accomplished 1890
Hands Off
Letter on the Rebellion to a Citizen of Washington from a Citizen of Philadelphia
Hints to Huntsmen
Some Account of the White Mountains of New Hampshire
A Guide to the Local History of Brookline Mass
The Evils of Slavery and the Cure of Slavery the First Proved by the Opinions of Southerners Thems
Cabot and the Transmission of English Power in North America
Reply to Presidents Message Speech of Hon John Sherman
Journal of the Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of North-Carolina [Serial] Volume 7th(1823)
Report of REV John McKay Colored Agent of the State Board of Colonization on Liberia
A Valuable Fish
Monographs of the Industrial Education Association Volume 1 Issue 1
Speech of M P Gentry of Tennessee Vindicating His Course in the Late Presidential Election Delivered to His Constituents at Franklin Tenn November 20 1852
North Elba and Beyond
The Second Part of an Argument Shewing That a Standing Army Is Inconsistent with a Free Government
The Patriot Girl
The Fresh Air Child
The Bulletin of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland Volume 9 Issue 1
Qua Cursum Ventus
Annual Report Volume 1972
Biennial Report Issue 3
Declaration of Independence by the Colony of Massachusetts Bay
Memorial in Support of the Nomination of the Name of Sir William Pepperrell
An Appeal to the People of the North
Address of John Speer President of the Kansas State Historical Society
The City of St Louis
The War and World Opinion
Descriptive Catalogue of Cheap Farm Lands and Other Properties in Central Maryland
The Germans in the United States
The Food of Certain American Indians and Their Methods of Preparing It
A Description of Henrys Comic Menagerie with Full Instructions for Presenting This Humorous Entertainment Suggestions Toward Making It Profitable
The Deserter
The Graves of Myles Standish and Other Pilgrims
The Manor of Peace Ware Massachusetts
The Great Reformer from England
The Marriage Question
A Supplement to the Address of Henry Clay to the Public Which Was Published in December 1827 Exhibiting Further Evidence in Refutation of the Charges Against Him Touching the Last Presidential Election Volume 2
The East Winds Message
The Victorious Life Lyrics
The Fourth of July
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 84 Issue 3
A Sermon in Commemoration of the Landing of the New-England Pilgrims
An Enumeration of the Plants Collected in Central America by Dr W C Shannon
The Winning of Fuji
An Address Before the Salem Female Anti-Slavery Society
The Voice of the Third Generation A Discussion of the Race Question for the Benefit of Those Who Believe That the United States Is a White Mans Country and Should Be Governed by White Men
The City of Watertown Volume 2
A Christmas Snowflake A Rhyme for Children
Ode to the Russian People
Eve And Other Poems
Eulogium on the Life and Character of Gen William Henry Harrison
The Wasp A Play in One Act
Observations on the Irish Butter Acts
The Poetical Recreations of Mr Alexander Craig of Rosecraig
Mahomet Cardinal
A Christmas Dilemma
Report on the Pharmacopoeias of All Nations
Descriptions of Eight New Species of Fossils from the Cambro-Silurian Rocks of Manitoba
The Pilgrim Temple-Builders A Sermon Preached in the Congregational Tabernacle Jersey City NJ on the Sabbath Before Forefathers Day December 17 1865
Abstract of Reports of the Condition of Montana State Banks Trust Companies and Private Banks Volume 2004 Jun
Revision of the Large Stylated Fossorial Crickets Volume 1
The Hawks of the Canadian Prairie Provinces in Their Relation to Agriculture
A Week in the Yorkshire Dales
The Old Testament Under Fire
Form of Income and Profit and Loss Statement for Steam Roads as Prescribed by the Interstate Commerce Commission in Accordance with Section 20 of the ACT to Regulate Commerce
The Chminey Piece Or the Married Maid
The Story of the Alcotts
The Old Home and the New
Five OClock Tea
Notes on Horticultural Nomenclature Some Suggestions for the Nurseryman Fruit Grower Gardener S
A Measuring Rod to Test Text Books in Schools
The Liquor Question in Politics
The Social Doctrine of the Sermon on the Mount
Beloved California A Lyric of the Soul
The Actual State of Prison Reform Throughout the Civilized World a Discourse Pronounced at the Opening of the International Prison Congress of Stockholm Aug 20 1878
The Case of the Mission Indians in Southern California And the Action of the Indian Rights Associa
The Territorial Slave Policy The Republican Party What the North Has to Do with Slavery
Lecture on the Life and Military Services of General James Clinton Read Before the New-York
Elder William Brewster of the Mayflower His Books and Autographs
Commemoration of Battle of Plattsburgh Volume 1
A Letter on Parliamentary Representation In Which the Propriety of Trienieal and Septennial Parliaments Is Considered
The Carpet Manufacture
The Aristocracy of Boston
Albany College of Pharmacy Delivered Oct 1 1988
A Revision of the North American Ants of the Genus Leptothorax Mayr
The Principle of Jewish Education in the Past Two Essays
The Civil Record of Major-General Winfield S Hancock During His Administration in Louisiana and Texas
The Cherokee Nation of Indians
Select Verse for Home and School
What I Know about Horace Greeleys Secession War and Diplomatic Record A Letter Written (Not Published) in 1870
The American Negro His Past and Future
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 21 Issue 5
An Index to the Revised Rules and Orders and a Classified Index to the Forms of the Division Courts of the Province of Ontario
The House of Longmans 1724-1924
The Church of England Its Own Witness an Argument to Prove the Identity of the Church of England with the Ancient British and Apostolic Church
An Imaginary Conversation Between President Jackson and the Ghost of Jefferson
The Popes-Bull to the Pretender on His Intended Invasion of These Nations Tr from the Lat
A Short Account of the First Settlement of the Provinces of Virginia Maryland New-York New-Jersey and Pensylvania By the English To Which Is Annexed a Map of Maryland According to the Bounds Mentioned in the Charter and Also of the Adjacent Coun
A Manual of Arithmetic [With] Answers
The Physiology and Development of Some Anthracnoses
The Labour Problem
An Address Delivered Before the Members of the Schools and the Citizens of Quincy July 4 1856
An Address by John Patton Delivered at Lansing Mich October 12 1898 at the Unveiling of the Statue
An Address Delivered at Cambridge Inside the Society of the Phi Beta Kappa 26 June 1873
The Siege of Madras
The Analysis Analyzed Or Ten Points of Difference Between McElligotts Analytical Manuae [!] and Towns Analysis
The Paragenesis and Derivation of Cooper and Its Associates in Lake Superior
The Pepet Law in Philippine Language
The Celtic Language and Dialects by an Englishman bD from the Dubl Review
The Answer of the New York Neurological Society to the Document Known as the Report of the Committee on Public Health Relative to Lunatic Asylums Issue 64
An Oration Pronounced Before the Connecticut Alpha of the Phi Beta Kappa at Yale College New Haven August 15 1849
A Catalogue of Some of the Rarer Books Also Manuscripts in the Collection of C E S Chambers
The Wanderer and Other Poems
A Discourse Commemorative of the Character and Career of Hon John Parker Hale Delivered in the First Parish Church Dover NH on Thanksgiving Day Nov 27 1873
Princeton University Military Instruction and War Service Preliminary Report
Home Economics Information for Teachers in the Schools of California
The Shepherd Song
Balaam Disappointed a Thanksgiving Sermon Delivered at Nottingham-West April 13 1815 a Day Recommended by the National Government in Which to Rehearse Gods Mighty Acts and Praise His Name
A Souvenir Directory to the Land of the Sky
Addendum to the Instruction on the Use of Serial Observation in Liaison with the Artillery January 19 1917 (Modifying Field Artillery Notes No 1)
Register March 25th 1885
Cornfibre and Its Uses
Libertys Centennial A Poem of 1876
The Excellent Properties of Salted Brandy as a Most Efficacious Medicine and Sedative for Internal as Well as External Diseases
Circular Relating to the Enlistment of Men for the United States Navy
A Calendar of Memorial Inscriptions Collected in the State of Maryland
The Significance of the Ring and the Book
Lord Batemans Plea for Limited Protection or for Reciprocity in Free Trade
Register of Living Members of the Commandery of the District of Columbia
The Welcome to the Hon Albert G Porter Governor-Elect of Indiana Washington D C November 11 and 13 1880
On the Original Portraits of Dante
Chums A Farce in One Act
Warehouse Facilities of Common Carriers Hearing Before the Committee on
Science the Handmaid of Religion An Address Delivered to Members of the Lay Helpers Association in the Diocese of London in S Pauls Cathedral Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Closing Scenes of the Iliad
Report of the Special Committee on the Mexican Gulf Railroad with Accompanying Documents Also a Bi
Quit-Rents and Currency in North Carolina 1663-1776
Poems of Italy Selections from the Odes of Giosue Carducci Tr with an Introduction by M W Arms
Shaksperes Mission Office as the Dramatic Histrionic Poet of the English People
Review of Educational Legislation 1917 and 1918
The Negro in the New Reconstruction
Remarks on the Government Bill for the Commutation of Tithe
Water Supply of and Geological Notes on the Rhein Valley
By-Laws of the Potrero and Bay View Railroad Company
The Duties of the Personnel of a Battery of Field Artillery in Action Prize Essay
Memoranda on Teaching and Organisation in Secondary Schools History
The Solecisms of the Apocalypse
Canzoniere Inedito Di Antonio Forteguerri Il Poeta Pistoiese Dellestremo Quattrocento
The Influence of Sex in Disease
A Key to the Time Allusions in the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri
Agricultural Education
The Persians Translated from a REV Text by CES Headlam
An Oration Delivered in St Andrews Church on the Fourth of July 1820 Before the Company of the Parish and at Their Request
Missouri Rainfall
President Lincolns Death a Discourse Delivered in the Presbyterian Church in Caldwell NJ on Th
Politics of the Country
Commercial Sicilian Sumac
Letter to Viscount Palmerston on British Relations with China
Bombastes in the Shades A Play in One Act
The Bureau of Science
Biennial Message of James D Williams To the General Assembly 51st Regular Session Transmitted January 10 1879
The War of Slavery Upon the Constitution
Bulletin of the California Fish and Game Commission No 1
The Private Soldier of the Army of the Declaration
Battling for a Fortune Or the Black Hand
The Typical American
The New Fugitive Slave Law
Milk Ordinance of the City of Niagara Falls New York Passed June 26 1916
Tiamat and Other Verses
The Contribution of Boston to American Independence Oration Delivered Before the Mayor and Citizens of Boston at the One Hundred and Twenty-First Celebration of the Declaration of Independence Monday July 5 1897
ULA the Record
Reply of the Board of Health of the City and County of San Francisco in the Matter of the Final Report of the Grand Jury Empaneled in San Francisco Dec 30 1895
Discourse on the Death of Gen Joseph KF Mansfield Preached in the South Congregational Church Middletown on Sabbath Evening September 28 1862
The Admiral a Dramatic Triad
Speech of Hon Edwards Pierrepont Delivered at the Convention and Mass Meeting of the Democracy Opposed to the Chicago Platform Held at the Cooper Institute New York November 1 1864 Volume 2
Eulogium on Chief Justice Marshall Delivered in the Unitarian Church Washington City on the 24th of September 1835
Hearings Before Subcommittee of House Committee on Appropriations Consisting of Messrs Cannon
Political Record of Stephen A Douglas on the Slavery Question a Tract Issued by the Illinois Republican State Central Committee
An Oration on the Real Nature and Value of the American Revolution
Our Hotel or Rats the Bell Boy
The Nation and the Constitution an Oration Delivered Before the City Authorities and Citizens of Providence July 4 1866
To the 38th Congress of the United States of America
H G at Chappaqua
Cranford Dames
Society of the War of 1812 of the District of Columbia
Military Operations in Georgia During the War Between the States Address Delivered Before the Confederate Survivors Association in Augusta Georgia Upon the Occasion of Its Fifteenth Annual Reunion on Memorial Day April 26th 1893
Proclamations by the Governor of North Carolina Together with the Opinion of Chief-Justice Pearson and the Reply of the Governor
Handbook District of Columbia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
The Treachery in Texas the Secession of Texas and the Arrest of the United States Officers and Soldiers Serving in Texas Read Before the New-York Historical Society June 25 1861
The Proposed Practice Code Hearing Before the Subcommittee of the Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate Sixty-Fourth Congress First Session on S 1412 January 25 1916
Speech of Mr Webster at Capon Springs Virginia Together with Those of Sir HL Bulwer Wm L Clarke Esq June 28 1851 Volume 1
Germanys Confession
Jonathan Edwards A Study an Address Delivered at Stockbridge Massachusetts October 5 1903 by John de Witt
Sir Edwards Evidence
Historic Letters from the Collection of the West Chester State Normal School
The Man Who Came Back a Playlet
The Chemistry of Mineral Tannages
The Amalgamation of the British Army
The Mental Symptoms of Fatigue
The Rolling Stone A Series of Original Poems
On Aristotle as a Biologist with a Prooemion on Herbert Spencer
A Short Account of the Life and Conversion of Sukey Harley Taken from Her Lips by the Rectors Daughter [- Guise]
On the Forms of Unicursal Quintic Curves
The Primal Root-Causes of the Decline of the British Empire 1876-1911
The Comin Out of Mary Jane Cummins
The Conspiracy Against Mexico
The Attitude of James Buchanan a Citizen of Lancaster County
Ultra-Violet Rays References to Material in the New York Public Library
Unveiling and Presentation of the Monument Erected on Dover Green by the Delaware State Society of the Cincinnati
Report on Telegraphs and Apparatus
Report of the Governor of Utah to the Secretary of the Interior
An Essay on the Expediency of Establishing a Literary Society in the Town of Bedford
Sonnets Volume 1
The Battle of the Scalds
The French Socialist Party and War Aims Replies to the Questionnaire
Charlemont as a Plantation An Historical Discourse at the Centennial Anniversary of the Death
The Mastership and Its Fruits The Emancipated Slave Face to Face with His Old Master a Supplementa
An Illustration of the Benefit Which Branch Railway Companies Proprietors of Existing Main Lines of Railways Landowners and the Public at Large May Derive from Branch Railways
The Little Life of Lincoln In Short Stories
Scottish Record Society [Publications] Volume 19
Dimension of the Fixed Stars With Special Reference to Binaries and Variables of the ALGOL Type
Down Around the River And Other Poems
Some Words to the Shareholders of the Comstock Tunnel Company
S Paul on the Ministry of Women
Short Cataloguing and Bibliographical Cataloguing
Manifesto to the Nation by the Executive Power of the Republic of Panama on the 24th of August 1921 and Note of Protest to the Secretary of State of the United States of America by the Secretary of Foreign Relations of Panama on Special Mission to the Was
School Laws of the State of Wyoming in Force June 30 1899
The Use of Wood for Fuel
The Counsel Assigned
A Personal Tribute to Governor Frederic T Greenhalge
On the Procession of the Holy Spirit With a Proposal for a Synodical Declaration Thereupon Sermon Preached in Licoln Cathedral on Whitsunday 1872
Ion [A Tragedy in Five Acts]
Beowulf Cynewulf and His Greatest Poem
Jefferson Davis Amnesty
Annual Report Volume 1977-78
Japan and China
Life Insurance for Professors A Study of the Problem of Protection for the Families of Salaried Men
Speech of Hon LFS Foster of Connecticut on the Lecompton Constitution Delivered in the Senate of the United States March 8 and 19 1858
Some Noteworthy Properties of the Triangle and Its Circles
Report on the Statistics of Express Companies in the United States
The Biological Relation of Aquatic Plants to the Substratum
Speeches of Mr Calhoun of South Carolina on the Ten Regiment Bill And in Reply to Mr Davis of Mississippi and Mr Cass
A Pedagogical Library
Bulletin Issue 117
the Mineral Structure of Some Victorian Rocks
Aux Archives Vaticanes
Modern Italy A Poem
A Catalogue of Plans and Views of New York City from 1651 to 1860 Exhibited at the Groelier Club from December 10 to December 25 MDCCCXCVII
A Salvoe
The Witwatersrand and the Revolt of the Uitlanders
Inhabitants of Birmingham Edgbaston and Aston Possessing Goods to the Value of Ten Shillings and Upwards in the Year 1327 Being a List of Persons Taxed to the Amount of the Twentieth of Their Movables as a Subsidy for the Defence of the Kingdom Agains
Otro Diablo Predicador O El Liberal Por Fuerza Intermedio Dramatico
Nature of the Physical Forces
Missionary Toils a Poem by Matilda
First Chapters on the Church of England
The Good Man a Pvblick Good 1 Passively 2 Actively as It Was Manifested in a Sermon Preached to the Honourable House of Commons at the Late Solemne Fast January 31 1643
Natural Principles Regulating Railway Rates
Indian Famines Their Causes and Prevention
The Small Mammals of Colorado
An Historical Sketch of the Paper Money Issued by Pennsylvania Together with a Complete List of All the Dates Issues Amounts Denominations and Signers
Special Report of the Kansas State Board of Agriculture For the Information of Homeseekers
Present Problems in the Training of Mining Engineers
Prize Poem the Auld Brig OSlittricks Last Address to the Magistrates Town-Council and Inhabitants of Hawick
Information Concerning Some of the Principal Navies of the World A Series of Tables Compiled to Answer Popular Inquiry
The Relation of Legal Education to Governmental Problems An Address Before the Harvard Law School Association
The Church in Connecticut 1705-1807 Illustrative Documents
Some Reasons Why Franklin K Lane and the Democratic Ticket Should Be Elected
Perkins Reaction The Action of Salicylic Aldehyde on Sodium Succinate in Presence of Acetic Anhydride
The Land of the Sky A Pictureque Country on the Southern Railway
By a Western Wayside
Suitability [!] of Grapes for General Culture in the States of the Old South
How to Tame Your Mother-In-Law A Farce in One Act
An Address Delivered Before the Concord Female Anti-Slavery Society
Report of the Committee of Nine to the American Historical Association
Hands All Round a Patriotic Play in One Act
Some Account of the State of the Prisons in Spain and Portugal
New York State Veterinary College a Special Report to the President of Cornell University
America for Free Working Men!
Review by the Judge Advocate General of the Proceedings Findings and Sentence of a General Court Martial Held in the City of Washington for the Trial of Major General Fitz John Porter of the United States Volunteers
Raising the Standard a Story of Effort and Achievement
Speech of Hon S S Cox Before the Johnson Union Club of the 6th Congressional District New York on the 9th of August 1866
Deficiencies in Our History An Address Delivered Before the Vermont Historical and Antiquarian Society at Montpelier October 16 1846
Now and Then
The Sparkling Cup a Temperance Drama in Five Acts
Vacation an Original Comedy in Two Acts
An Account of the Late Proceedings of the Dissenting Ministers at Salters-Hall Occasioned by the Differences Amongst Their Brethren in the Country in a Letter to the Revd Dr Gale
A Tale of the Rebellion Facts and Figures from the Standpoint of a Departmental-Clerk
Washingtons Home
Supplemental Hearings Before Subcommittee of House Committee on Appropriations Consisting of
Jewelers and Silversmiths Weights and Measures
Report Volume No5
The Conspiracy of the Privileged
There Is Something in the Air
The Improved Hammonton Incubators Also Information on Incubation and Appliances
Letter to William Pitt Upon the Subject of His Late Speech in Parliament Concerning the Scots Distilleries
Uplift Lines
Saxon Tithing-Men in America Read Before the American Antiquarian Society October 21 1881
Patent Applied For a Play in One Act
Historical Tables Complete Hand-Book of Dates Chronologically Arranged
Letter of Wm Nelson Cromwell to Hon J Van Vechten Olcott Member of Congress from New York Concerning Panama Canal Matters Dated February 4 1909
Lux Gentis Nigrae
Hearings Before Subcommittee of House Committee on Appropriations Consisting of Messrs Forney
A Sermon Preached at Epping NH September 21 1854 at the Funeral of Hon William Plumer
The Industrious Apprentice A Sermon Preached at the Great Synagogue on Sabbath December 10th 1887
Savings Insurance
New Forms of Christian Education an Address to the University Hall Guild
Rules and Regulations 1910 Officers Council Committee on Membership Enrolled Members
Report of the Selectmen Auditors and Superintending School Committee of the Town of Dunbarton for the Year Ending Volume 1871
Catalogue of Law Books Aug 1 1862
Annual Report of the Town of South Hampton New Hampshire Volume 1900
Cornell University Announcements Volume 5 Issue 13
Upon Whom Rests the Guilt of the War? Separation War Without End Volume 2
University Extension Lectures
Amendment to Federal Reserve ACT Hearing Before the Committee on Banking and Currency of the House of Representatives on S 2472 an ACT to Amend the ACT Approved December 23 1913 Known as the Federal Reserve ACT
Receipts and Expenditures of the Town of Durham for the Year Ending Volume 1846 1847
New Men and Old Acres a Comedy
Studies on Hog Cholera
A Tribute to Bayard Taylor An Essay and Poem
Annual Report of the Town of Rye New Hampshire Volume 1898
Report by the Selectmen of the Town of Andover for the Year Ending Volume F44 A55 1891
Report on the Gauge for the St Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad
Annual Report of the Town of South Hampton New Hampshire Volume 1899
Relation of the High-Temperature Treatment of High-Speed Steel to Secondary Hardening and Red Hardness
A Review of the Bishop of Ossorys [JT OBriens] Plea from The Bible and the Bible Alone for the Doctrine of Baptismal Regeneration
An Oration Delivered at Plymouth December 22 1802 at the Anniversary Commemoration of the First Landing of Our Ancestors at That Place
Transactions of the New York Academy of Sciences Volume 10
The American Board and Ecclesiastical Councils
Annual Report of the Town of Rollinsford New Hampshire Volume 1916
Arkansas State Supplement
On Para-Chlor-Meta-Sulpho-Benzoic Acid and Some of Its Derivatives
The Constitution and By-Laws
A Compleat Key to the Dunciad
Rules and Regulations Relating to the Anchorage of Vessels in the Port of New York
Changes in the Cost of Living July 1914-July 1920
Opening Doors in Latin America
We Are French!
Cauhgt [Sic] in the ACT
Report of the Congressional Committee on the Operations of the Army of the Potomac
Soldiers of Osceola Lewis County New York in the Great War of 1914-1918
A Monograph of the Anderson Clark Marshall and McArthur Connection
Memoir Upon the Improvement of the Sheep and Goats of Italy [By S Bannister]
Report of the Committee on a System of Sewerage for the City of Holyoke
Notes on Grasses and Forage Plants of the Southeastern States
Muhlenbergia A Journal of Botany Volume 8
Publicity of Election Expenditures
The Forest Tree Plantation
Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards Issue 422
Hurrah for the New Year
In Justice to the Nation American History in American Schools Colleges and Universities
Historical Syllabus from 1700 CE to the Present Day A Course of Thirteen Readings
Library Printing
Irrigation of the Sacramento Valley Address of JB Lippincott at the Reception of the Congressional Irrigation Committee at Red Bluff California June 15 1905
John Dale the American a Story
Report of the Present Fashions with the Square Rules and Variations to Fit the Human Shape
Some Distinctions in Our Cultivated Barleys with Reference to Their Use in Plant Breeding
The Cornish Club
Foreign Trade and the Interior Bank
Religious Influence in Mission Schools Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Ferry Road on Long Island
A Home in Southern California
Venereal Diseases in Siam League of the Red Cross Societies Far Eastern Conference Bangkok November-December 1922
Ireland Agriculture and the War An Open Letter to Irish Farmer by the Editor of the Irish Homestead
The Character of Shakespeare
Monterey Cypress
The Influence of Washington Address Before the Historical Society of Berks
The Octave Staff Diatonic and Chromatic Reducing the Different Staves to One Furnishing an Exclusive Place for Each Tone Without Flats or Sharps
Fishways in the Inland Waters of British Columbia
Law and Regulations Relative to Excise Tax on Corporations Joint Stock Companies Associations and Insurance Companies Imposed by Authority of Section 38 Act of August 5 1909 December 3 1909
Strictures on a Work Entitled a Vindication [Of the Character of Bishop Bull] in a Letter to Charles Daubeney
Adversaria Sinica Volume 2
Statements of Apropriations Expenditures and Balances Seacoast Fortifications and Field Artillery (Organized Militia Artillery Excluded) for the United States and Its Insular Possessions (Panama Canal Excluded) 1888 to June 30 1915 Inclusive
The Second Revolution a Political Treatise
An Address Delivered at North-Yarmouth April 28 1830 Before the Cumberland Co Temperance Society
Annual Reports of the Selectmen and Superintending School Committee of the Town of Franklin Volume 1875
The Laws of Rhode Island College Enacted by the Fellows and Trustees
The National Geological Surveys of Europe
Report of the Committee of the Citizens Association of Chicago on Education
The Preservation of the Republic an Oration Delivered Before the Municipal Authorities and Citizens of Providence July 4 1862
Electrical Measurements Instruction Paper Volume 2
America in the Making
The West A Collection of Verses Expressing the Spirit of the West
Hints from Utopian Schools
Company Man Uvres Or Suggestions for Company Drill in the System Laid Down in the Field Exercise and Evolutions of Infantry
What Shall Be Done with the People of Color in the United States? a Discourse Delivered in the First Presbyterian Church of Penn Yan New York November 2D 1862
Some Fundamental Issues of the Present War
Sphagum Moss War Substitute for Cotton in Absorbent Surgical Dressings
An Historical Discourse Delivered in the New North Church October 1 1854
Bostons Story in Inscriptions Being Reproductions of the Markings That Are or Have Been on Historic Sites
An Oration Delivered Before the Newburyport Artillery Company Upon Their Fifty-Eighth Anniversary July 4th 1836
Formicidae Borneenses Collectae A J Doria Et O Beccari in Territorio Sarawak Annis 1865-1867
Potowonok An Historical Sketch of Fort Madison in Verse
The Centennial of Illinois Statehood
The Stenographic Standard Or a Practical System of Short-Hand
Seven Articles on London Pauperism and Its Relations with the Labour Market Published in The Parochial Critic and Weekly Record of Metropolitan Organisations in July and August 1870
Eulogy on Chief-Justice Chase
Ritual of the Society Tom Os Hanter Cavern No
Lecture on the Uncertainties of History Delivered in the Hall of the House of Representatives of the United States Before the Capitol Hill Institute Dec 17 1842
Fitz-John Porter Speech of the Hon Wm Walter Phelps February 1 1884 House of Representatives
Per Diem Service Pensions
Hearings Before Committee on Insular Affairs House of Representatives Forestry Matters in the Philippines
The Hyperbolic Curve and the Law of Progression of Rotating Bodies
How to Vitalize the Teaching of Agriculture in the Rural Schools
The Kennicott Company
The War with Spain Speech in the House 1898
The Carver Centenary
Lessons of Encouragement from the Times of Washington
Hocken Library Facsimile Issue 4
Food Values
Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards Issue 9
Words of Tender Counsel and Caution Suitable for the Present Time or Selected Extracts on Six Subjects
Examination and Certification of Teachers
Gambling Communities Authority of Law and Law Authorities Under the Charm of Nickel Slots in Saloons A Socialistic Treatise
Matilda Patience Abigail
The Crime of the Culprit Fay Introductory to Drakes Poem
Regulations No 58 Relating to Tax on the Issuance of Insurance Policies Under Sections 503 504 of the Revenue Act of 1918
Statement Made Before the Committee of the Legislative Assembly on the University of Toronto in Reply to Those of REVd Drs Cook Green Stinson and Ryerson
Some Remarks on Dr Kennedys Critical Examination of the Complete Latin Grammar
Cleveland Hospital and Health Survey
The Cottage Girl Or an Account of Ann Edwards
The Law-Abiding Conscience and the Higher Law Conscience With Remarks on the Fugitive Slave Question a Sermon Preached in the South Presbyterian Church Brooklyn Dec 12 1850
[Modern Business] Before You Begin How to Use the Modern Business Course and Service
Reconstruction in Okitbbeha County
Speech of Hon Jas W Throckmorton of Texas in the House of Representatives March 1 1877 Together with the Report of the Hon L Q C Lamar of Mississippi Chairman of the Committee on Pacific Railroads Made to the House of Representatives Janua
General Series Volume No 25
A Letter of Dr Bushnell of Hartford on the Rationalistic Socinian and Indfidel
Report on Sugar Beets Raised Upon the Farm of the Massachusetts Agricultural College
Socialism What Is It? Is It Christian? Should the Church Take Any Interest in It?
Some Greek and Roman Ideas of a Future Life
Justice a Discourse to the Students of the Law Department of the Indiana University Delivered at Their Request on Conferring Upon the Graduating Class Their Diplomas February 26 1850
An Experimental Study of the Lippmann Color Photograph
Sugar Frauds and the Tariff Their Relations to Home Product Consumption Industry Imports Duties and Revenue Analyzed and Exhibited Duty Drawback Sampling Grading Adulterations and the Polariscope
Geography Manual of Europe as Defined by the Treaty of Versailles
The Girl and the Outlaw a Dramatic Playlet
Hand-Book for Emigrants to Queensland Australia
An Early News-Sheet The Russian Invasion of Poland in 1563
A Sermon Preahced at Plymouth NH on the Occasion of the Death of Col David Webster
Into Free Poland Via Germany
Ordnance Memoranda Issue 24
Address to the People of Canada Concerning Their Sympathy with the Southern Rebels Dated Toronto 4th Arpil 1865
Lecture on an International Code of Commerce
Hickry Farm a Comedy-Drama of New England Life in Two Acts as Presented at the Lexington Ave Opera House New York
The Sunday School Offering Designed to Please and Instruct Children and Youth and Especially Adapted to Sabbath School Exhibitions
A Resurrection of the Blue-Laws Or Maine Reform in Temperate Doses Being a Discussion of the Principles Moral Political and Constitutional Involved in the Provisions of the Liquor Bill Before the Massachusetts Legislature During the Session of 185
Taylor Meeting
An Outline of Philosophy in America
Pension Appropriation Bill Fiscal Year 1922 Hearings Before Subcommittee
The Radioactivity of Illinois Waters
Justinas Letters in Reply to Miss Garretts Defence of the Contagious Diseases Acts
The Swiss Army System
Sermons to Men Women and Children by the Author of Sermons to Asses
Massachusetts Anti-Liquor Law With Analysis and Exposition Also the Proceedings of the State Temperance Convention Held at Worcester June 23d and 24th
A Lecture on Some Portraits of Shakespeare and Shakespeares Brooch
Practical Remarks on the Corn Laws as Viewed in Connexion with the Corn Trade and Suggestions for Their Improvement
Grades and Amount of Lumber Sawed from Yellow Poplar Yellow Birch Sugar Maple and Beech
A Hemlock Bark Study in Culled Forests of the Western Adirondacks
Rimes in Olive Drab
Speech of Hon John S Wise
Mr Websters Speech in Answer to Mr Calhoun March 22 1838
A Symphony in Black a Comedy in Two Acts for Female Characters Only
Constitutive Acts of the Mexican Federation 21 of January 1824 Also Federal Constitution of the United Mexican States October 4 1824
Catalogue Union Evang Sabbath School of Amesbury Salisbury Mass
A Catalogue of Lantern Slides for the Use of High Schools Academies Colleges and Universities Illustrating Chiefly Greek and Roman Archaeology Together with a Selected List of American Slides for Teachers of Physiography
Sermon in Memory of the REV E Edwards Beardsley
Birth Control in Its Medical Social Economic and Moral Aspects
Votum Pro Caesare Or a Plea for Caesar Discovering Briefly the Great Sinfulness of Opposing the Authority of the Higher Powers Delivered in a Sermon Octob 71660
Tracts Issue 7
Amendments of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1896
Gun-Shot Injuries of the Knee Joint Requiring Amputation
The Gambling Element in Life A Sermon Preached in Boston Oct 29 1871
Plain Facts Against the Popes Pretensions
Why Go to College? An Address
Crown Practice of the Supreme Court of the North-West Territories
Occasional Papers Issue 2
Fallacies of the Broken Gauge Mr Lushingtons Argument in Favour of Broad Gauge and Breaks of Gauge Refuted Being a Reply to the Remarks of a Late Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge in the Report of the Gauge Commissioners
Annual Report Volume 31
The Man OAirlie A Drama of the Affections the Dramatic Sensation of London in 1863 and Acted with Equal Success in America Where It Was First Produced in June 1871
Popliteal Aneurism Treated by a New Method of Compression
A Letter to the Earl of Harrowby On the Report of the Maynooth Commission
Reclassification of Salaries of Employees of First-Class Post Offices Hearings Before the Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads United States Senate Sixty-Fourth Congress First Session on S 4806 a Bill to Reclassify the Salaries of Employees Abov
Art Education and Art Patronage in the US
Charter and By-Laws
The Necessity of a Ship-Canal Between the East and the West
The Lone Hut Or a Legend of Mont Blanc a Drama
Slavery Its Origin Nature and History Its Relations to Society to Government and True Religion to Human Happiness and Divine Glory Considered in the Light of Bible Teachings Moral Justice and Political Wisdom Volume 2
Abraham Lincoln Volume 2
An Address to the Citizens of New-Hampshire
The Union a Sermon Delivered in Grace Church New York on the Day of the National Fast January 4 1861 Volume 2
The Story of La Roche
Sabbath Studies by the Author of a Synopsis of the Evidences of Christianity
A Confutation of a Late Pamphlet Intituled a Letter Ballancing the Necessity of Keeping a Land Force in Time of Peace with the Dangers That May Follow on It
The Edgerly Family
An Address Delivered at the Anniversary of the Cooper Female Academy July 17 1850
A Sermon Preached at the New Church of Calcutta Before the Right Honorable the Earl of Mornington on Thursday February 6th 1800 Being the Day Appointed for a General Thanksgiving by the Revd Claudius Buchanan
A Candid View of the Presidential Question
The Church in the Middle Centuries An Attempt to Ascertain the Age and Writer of the Codex Boernerianus [Signed JI]
A Treatise on Grain Stacking
The Workers Industrial Index to London
Kansas as She Has Grown Up and Something about Montgomery County Her Most Marvelous Section and Its Natural Resources and Industrial Development
Second Floor Spoopendyke A Farce in Two Acts
Some Pre-Columbian Discoveries of America
The Hero of Lexington
Bulletin Volume 2 Issue 2
Assessment of Railways A Mode of Ascertaining the Contributive Value of a Branch to a Main Line of Railway and Also of Each District of a Railway to the Other Districts in Accordance with the Judgment of the Court of Queens Bench in the Case of R V
San Juan County Utah
Ane Tractat of a Part of Ye Yngliss Cronikle Shawand of Yar Kings Part of Yar Ewill Gouernance (from Asloans MS)
The Cavalier Dismounted an Essay
The Lords Supper a Sermon
A Few Words on the Future of Westminster School Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
An Early News Sheet The Russian Invasion of Poland in 1563
Why the United States of America Entered the War
A Study of Some Texan Ponerinae
A Statesman at Home a Dramatic Fragment by GTL
A Tentative List of Georgetown Men in the Military Service of the United States
The Ready Informant
Labor Rhymes
A Tender Attachment a Farce
A Cycle of Work in the Kindergarten and Primary School
A Case for Eviction a Comedietta in One Act
A Discourse Delivered at Schenectady July 22 1823 Before the New York Alpha of the Phi Beta Kappa
Life of St Columban
A Word for the Slain a Sermon
The Rainbow of Hope Spanning the Deluge of Mans Sorrow (Leicester Prize Essays on Sunday Amusements)
The Distribution of Estates of Deceased Persons in Massachusetts
The Charity Pupil
The Cross and Anchor Written for the Fair
The Romantic Scottish Ballads and the Lady Wardlaw Heresy
The Case-Construction After the Comparative in Plinys Letters
A Bar-Lambs Ballad Book
The Relation of Inference to Fact in Mills Logic
The Sunday Next Before Easter Commonly Called Palm Sunday
Alaska Coast Pilot Notes from Yakutat Bay to Cook Inlet
A Plea for the West a Sermon Preached Before the Missionary Society of the Synod
Biennial Report of the Secretary of State of the State of Illinois
The Psychology of Confidence-An Experimental Inquiry
Annual Report of the State Board of Arbitration of Illinois
Original Poems in the Amatory Heroic Pathetic and Other Styles by a Traveller [Signing Himself JH 13 PT with Various Imprints and a Collective Title-Leaf]
Report of Commission on Agricultural Research November 1908
A Meteorological Register Kept at Mansfield Woodhouse [By H Rooke] from 1785 to 1794 [With] a Continuation
The Gospel of Paul of Tarsus and of His Opponent James the Just from Our Current New Testament
Annual Report of the Town Officers
A Brief Treatise Upon the Nature Faculties Value and Final Destination of the Human Soul
The Downfall of Humanity a Drama in Three Acts
The Fight for the Drama at Oxford
The Use of the Library
A List of British Birds
The Site of the Assay Office on Wall Street an Illustrated Historical Sketch of the Successive Publ
A Night Out
The Problem of Jesus
The Son of Maine
Papers and Correspondence Relating to the Contract Between the Government of Nova Scotia and the International Contract Company For the Construction of the Truro and Moncton or the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Railway
The Principles and Policy of the Democratic Party
A Description of Trenton Falls
The Bi-Literal Cypher
The Fallacy of Danger from Great Wealth
An Arithmetical Theory of Certain Numerical Functions
The Hour of Magic and Other Poems
A New Work in Favor of the Whig Cause and the Election of General Harrison
The Council of Dogs
A Reply to the Committee of the Promoters
An Outline
The Way Called Heresy
A Sermon Preached Church in Battle Street Boston
The Case of Benjamin Rathbun This Remarkable Financiers Own Statement of His Operations in Buffalo
Some Old-Time Old-World Librarians
An Account of the Pilgrimage to the Tomb of General Grant
The Charter and By-Laws of the Pennsylvania Company for Insurances on Lives Granting Annuities and
Nuggets of Poems and Prose
Over the Hill to the White House
The Deep Lying Auriferous Gravels and Table Mountains of California
A Charge to the Clergy and Churchwardens of the Archdeaconry
The Wonderful Story of Illinois
Opportunities of the Rural Population for Higher Education
Memorandum on Gas Poisoning in Warfare With Notes on Its Pathology and Treatment
A Selected Bibliography of Missionary Literature

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